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Odoo - Prueba 3 a tres columnas

First interaction

The first interaction occurs from a cell phone application that manages to capture certain aspects of movement and translate them into sound parameters.

Odoo - Prueba 1 a tres columnas

The second interaction

The second interaction will be in relation to the space we inhabit. The product of dance as a tool to investigate movement, physical place and context.

Odoo - Prueba 2 a tres columnas

The third interaction

The third interaction between the performers; Each performer works his bond with the device, strengthening tendencies of his personality and his personal
taste, thus creating his dance and his music.

Exposing each one particularity and soundscape, we will find ourselves in moments to create, in and out of tune, a dance that is interrelated. Consequently we will create a collective music among all the performers.


Equipo de la empresa

Fabrice Costa

(France / Argentina ) is a programmer and digital artist.
His research as an artist is based on the use of advanced computer graphics techniques and focuses on fractal and particle design methodologies, on the interaction between analog and digital systems.

Equipo de la empresa

Lucila Sol

(Argentina) is an emerging performing arts artist.

His main field of training and research is contemporary dance and his greatest interest lies in the disciplinary
edges, both in “site specific” works and in trans or multidisciplinary research.

Equipo de la empresa

Victoria Colona

(Uruguay) is a creative artist in performing arts, works in the mixture between theater, dance and circus.

His extensive stage training begins through theater and then delves into contemporary dance, somatic practices, contact improvisation and tango technique.

Equipo de la empresa

Emma Gioia

(France, Argentina) is an artist who develops as a dancer, choreographer and researcher.
Collaboration with others is always at the beginning of their projects: it is through
interaction, dialogue, confrontation that their work develops, incessantly questioning policies, stories and memories.

Equipo de la empresa

Nicolas Guerci

(Argentina) is an artist and performer in dance.

He experiments and develops within various styles of dance: Jazz Dance, Classical Technical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Folk Dances, Tango and Acrobatics.


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